7th Sign

Name: 7th Sign
Developers: Peyman Vahidkhah
Sajad Mowlaei
Mehrdad Farokhi
Genre: Action Platformer
Platform: Windows
Status: In Development
Contact: peyman.vahidkhah@gmail.com
Description: P.A.T is a company that creates high-tech weapons for militaries.
Now the war is over and they decided to destroy these weapons.
But these weapons are not ordinary, they have brain!
They think and decide and this makes things difficult for P.A.T.
The question is ai???what will happen if these weapons find out that their creator wants to destroy them, what they will do?ai???
7th sign is an upcoming classic 2D-platformer Action game influenced by game likes Doom, Quake, Abuse and Painkiller.
Our goal is to entertain the player with massive enemy fightings , great Boss Fights and stirring music.

Screen Shots: