The Blind Revenge

Name: The Blind Revenge
Developers: Sajad Mowlaei
Peyman Vahidkhah
Genre: Action Platformer
Platform: Windows
Status: completed
Looking for
Description: “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”. The Blind Revenge is a 2D platformer action adventure game (demo version) created by a team of two undergraduate computer engineering students. It enables the player to switch between Monica (the main character) and her armoured vehicle. the story takes place in a fictional world where all the people have been blinded by Joan Crowford (an evil crow that has stolen everybody’s eyeballs and locked them safe within his castle). Out of deep depression and melancholia, Samantha (Monica’s twin sister) commits suicide. Possessed by the death of her sister, Monica seeks revenge by the help of Samantha’s spirit which guides her through her journey to Crowford’s castle in order to take back the people’s sight. At the end of the story she succeeds in defeating Crowford and getting her sight back. But being the only living human who can see, she is now blinded by power and decides not to give back the eyeballs back to the people, And rule all.

Screen Shots:

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