Born to Die

Name: Born To Die
Developers: Naime Pakniyat(Art & Design)
Peyman Vahidkhah (Tech)
Genre: Point and Click Survival
Platform: Windows,Android
Status: Demo Version
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Description: Born to Die is a Point and click Survival Game.
In this game, The main Character is trapped in an old graveyard. In order to get the character out of that place you should find the exit key. but this key is inside a treasure box and the treasure box is buried deep down in of the graves in that place.
So at first, you should find the right grave, after that you must use the characterai??i??s big hammer to break through the grave, and finally when you found the treasure box, it better for you to smash the box with hammer and get the key.
It is important to say that during this long journey of you for finding the key, enemies who live in that graveyard will get disturbed by your presence and they will try to kill you because they donai??i??t like you. Of course you can smash their face by your hammer! 😀
And in the end, be aware of time limit!!!!


Screen Shots: