Div o Dib

Name: Div o Dib
Developers: Peyman Vahidkhah
Sajad Mowlaei
Pooya Abolghasemi
Diba Mokhtabad
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Platform: Windows
Status: completed
Looking for
Contact: Sajad.mowlaei@gmail
Description: ai???Div o dibai??? that means ai???demon and dibai??? is a 2D puzzle action game that require high promptitude. This game ranked 3rd among 22 teams in Iran Game Developers Cup in April 2013.Div or Demon that is the villain of the story butts the sky with his horn and the stars fall on the ground. Dib is the name of a hero that is responsible for restoration of the stars to the sky. Dib should inflate balloons with louver and send the stars to the sky with those balloons. The path in which Dib is moved in the map is also very important and the player should select the correct path to achieve stars and louvers.


Screen Shots: