Dungeon Escape

Name: Dungeon Escape
Developers: Amir Vakili Tahami
Zohre Asgari
Farideh Safarri
Mehrdad Farokhy
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Windows / single player
Status: Betha
Looking for character designer / animator / effect artist
Contact: mfthepop@yahoo.com

A princess is locked up in a dungeon and has to climb up the dungeon to fight the bad Goat so she can escape the dungeon to the castle to confront her uncle. She can trough apple at her enemies or jump over their head. The goat is a creature made by her uncle to spawn enemies to make her way stay in dungeon to and another problem is the upraising water level because she canai??i??t swim when enemies fall into the water and the water raises she can die. The game has three type of enemies and a Boss now it only features pre design waves but weai??i??re planning for wave generation for an adaptive game play so every time youai??i??re playing the game it is something different.

Screen Shots: