Name: Ghooltopia
Developers: Mahboobeh Kalaei
Sajad Mowlaei
Masod Jalili
Genre: Strategic, Resource Managment
Platform: Windows,Android
Status: completed
Looking for
Contact: Sajad.mowlaei@gmail
Description: Ghooltopia is a 2D resource management game created in 48 hour for ai???Iran Game Development Cup 2014ai???.Our story placed in a planet that their citizens inhabit underground, because outside is very hazardous and aliens attack the land. Someday core of the planet start become hotter. Citizens doesnai??i??t have another choice they have to migrate on the land. They start a dangerous journey. First of all they should go outside and collect necessary resources such stone and wood so they can construct a haven, after that their migration is possible.


Screen Shots: