Global Game Jam 2016

This year Global Game Jam was perfect. when we decided to participate in the game jam I didn’t expect it to be that fun.
We went to National Game Development Institute site and we started working on our games. At first we separated into three groups and starting to work on two action multiplayer and one adventure games. After working on these games for 3 days, finally we created two games for the game jam.
One of them was Ancient Transience, In this game you should pick up one of the ancient characters and fight against your opponent to capture a pentagram in the middle. You can use your hands to push the enemy and you can use your special magic to prevent your enemy from capturing the pentagram. You can download and play this game here.
Another one was Ritual of the Souls. In this game you have to capture your enemy’s base using your attach on enemy army and healing techniques on your army. The winner of this game is the one that uses its abilities wisely. You can download and play this game from here.

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